In search of pura vida…

volcano-2355772_640 When I decided to quit my job, many months ago. My first thought was, predictably, panic. What am I going to do? Am I really brave enough to pursue what had been a pretty private dream? Was I ready to face my goals head-on, zero helmet and elbow pads?

Without going into too many details, I worked for a major theme park company in central Florida. (Let’s just say, it was quite the “magical” place.) And don’t get me wrong, it was a comfortable, safe and easy job. I didn’t make probably what I should. But I was secure. I was also deeply unhappy at the same time.

Day after day, I was doing a job that, at most, made me feel accomplished — accomplished in the sense that I was employed and had health insurance.  But, in spite of this, I was doing nothing to feed my soul. I was starving for life to happen. I felt like I was beginning to die a slow death of mediocrity. And I was sick of working a thankless job for a thankless company.

But what scared me the most is that I might wake up one day and wish I had seen the world. I would wish that I had tried to publish a book, something I’ve thought about since I was able to read. Life isn’t something that you wait to happen to you. And it felt like all I was doing was waiting. So when given the chance, I grabbed it.

bridge-2124896_640In researching where to start on this journey, one destination popped out to me repeatedly. Costa Rica, ranked as one of the happiest countries on the planet, is defined by a phrase that comes up time and time again – “Pura Vida.” It means pure life. And looking at the natural beauty that Costa Ricans (or Ticos) are surrounded by, well, no wonder they are so happy. And in my research it seems like pura vida is not just a phrase but a way of life, a state of mind. And for a woman who is ready embrace happiness and freedom, it doesn’t seem like a half bad place. (Also sloths. Sloths are a big factor.)

Only a day and a few hours remain until I catch a plane down to Costa Rica. To say that my stomach is equal parts excitement and nervousness is an understatement. But, as I remind myself, I didn’t start this to be comfortable.

Adios! Next time, I’ll hopefully be cooing over a baby sloth. And drinking coffee. Possibly both.

Photos courtesy of Pixabay.

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